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ECECAF was founded in 1941 and consists of over
11,000 participating members from 9 unions and associations.Union/association members contribute one quarter of one percent of their salary to the fund. The money is divided into charitable donations and membership services such as driver education subsidies, scholarships, and special aid for members and their families.

View ECECAF Brochure (*allocation of member contributions changed to 75-25 effective January 1, 2018 )

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Posted April 6, 2019
Deadlines for Scholarships – Winter (January) 2019 term: 
holarship applications for Fall (September) 2018 are now closed. Applications for Winter (January) 2019 will be accepted after final grades are available in April 2019 until the deadline of July 31, 2019. Apprenticeship applications are accepted within 90 days of students receiving the period’s final marks.
See Scholarships for guidelines and link to application form

Cereal Drive: ECECAF is proud to report that our members and City of Edmonton employees engaged in a successful cereal drive campaign through two recent events to support the United Way’s All in for Youth program – specifically, the e4c School Nutrition Program. At both the Celebrate You at the Zoo event on September 13 and the CEMA Lunch on September 19, ECECAF and friends collected cereal and cash donations to help provide more than 300 boxes of cereal to the All in for Youth schools and to help feed children to get their days started right. Thank you to all the generous donors for your contributions.

In Edmonton, thousands of children go to school each day without the nutrition they need to fuel their learning. ECECAF, on behalf of its members, has invested $335,000 in the school nutrition program supporting five schools – nearly 2,200 children – to ensure they get the food they need to be successful in school. This investment demonstrates our commitment to ensuring children are fed and supports ECECAF’s mandate to education and eliminating poverty. Ensuring kids have their basic needs met is an essential first step to improving their well-being and building a bright future.

To learn more about the All in for Youth program, visit https://www.myunitedway.ca/allinforyouth

Driver Ed Subsidy Rates increased for programs purchased after December 1, 2017:  ECECAF provides subsidies to ECECAF members’ dependents (under 25 years) who have completed an AMA new driver program. Members/students must apply within 90 days of the student receiving their AMA Certificate of Completion.
See Driver Ed for details

Contribution Re-allocation for members – as of January 2018: Effective the first pay period in 2018, ECECAF member contributions of 1/4 of one percent of their income per pay period will be re-allocated. Currently these funds are allocated 60% to the Charitable Fund and 40% to the Education and Financial Assistance Fund. In 2018, the allocation will change to 75% to the Charitable Fund and 25% to the Education and Financial Assistance Fund. Members will not see any change on their paystub, although this change will be reflected on their 2018 T4. This change will allow the Board of Trustees to donate more funds to Edmonton area charities, and members will have a highter charitable amount to claim on income tax. These changes to the allocation, do not affect the scholarship eligibility or amounts payable to members’ children attending post-secondary education. If members have any questions they may contact their union/association rep as listed on ECECAF Trustees.  

Scholarships disbursement amounts increase effective Fall (September) 2017 term: Scholarship disbursements increased to $2,000 per term for two consecutive terms ($4,000 in total) for full-time post-secondary study. Apprenticeships are covered for tuition and materials/fees amounts.
See Scholarships for guidelines and link to application form.




ECECAF has donated over $16 million to charities over the past 22 years.


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