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For the past 80 years ECECAF has been contributing to our community and helping members and their families.






scholarships in 2020


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In April 1941, the Civic Employees’ Welfare Chest Fund came into existence in Edmonton.

Over 11,000 participating members from nine unions and associations contribute one quarter of one percent of their salary to the Fund. The money is divided into charitable donations and member services such as driver education, scholarships, and special aid.

Effective in January 2018, 75% of all contributions are allocated to the charitable portion of the fund and 25% of contributions are allocated to the scholarship portion. The charitable portion is included on all members’ annual T4s. The Board of Trustees endeavors to distribute financial assistance as fairly as possible to support our members and promote healthy communities within the Edmonton region.

Supported by a group of six civic unions and associations, the Fund was formed for three main purposes to cover the period until the end of WWII.

To contribute to the comfort of military patients in Edmonton hospitals

To provide assistance to soldiers and their families during WWII

To give financial assistance to charitable and welfare organizations formed for the purpose of scientific research into the causes and cures of disease

Civic employees voted by a large majority to continue the Fund in October 1945. Eventually the Fund was renamed the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund (ECECAF).


ECECAF is administered by a Board of Trustees comprised of one representative from each of the nine participating unions and associations.

Representatives allocate funding to charitable organizations and members following established criteria and guidelines. The administration of the fund is governed by a trust agreement signed by the participating members, and registered with Revenue Canada. The membership consists of:

Alberta Health Services Community Care & Public Health, Association of Management and Non-Union Affiliates (AMNUA)

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), Local 569

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 30 -Edmonton Civic Employees

City of Edmonton Management Association (CEMA)

Edmonton Fire Fighters Union (EFFU), Local 209

Edmonton Police Senior Officers’ Association

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 1007

Unifor, Local 829

United Nurses of Alberta (UNA), Local 196