Driver Ed

Driver Education

Driver Education Subsidy

ECECAF members’ dependents under 25 years of age, can receive AMA Membership discounts for purchasing an AMA New Driver Program and a Driver Ed Subsidy from ECECAF upon completion.

For the three New Driver programs – Basic, Premium, and Ultimate – based on AMA membership: 

  1. View the AMA Pricing Rate Sheet – yellow highlights – effective Jan 25 2021 to Dec 31 2021
    • ECECAF will subsidize ECECAF members with 50% of the price (including GST) for one of the three New Driver Programs (Note: ECECAF members are not required to be AMA members to receive the Driver Ed Subsidy) 
    • View the AMA letter for details on:
      • one of three New Driver Programs discounts from AMA and Driver Ed Subsidy from ECECAF
      • special offers on AMA Membership 
      • how to redeem your AMA Membership offer
      • how to purchase an AMA New Driver Program
        (*Note This includes drivers as young as 14 years old, with a valid learner’s license.)

  2. View ECECAF Driver Ed Fact Sheet – How it works to apply for the ECECAF Driver Ed Subsidy

  3. Upon completion of one of the three AMA New Driver Programs:
    • Submit the Driver Education Subsidy online application form (sends to ECECAF)
    • Email application’s supporting documentation within 48 hours of submitting the online application form to
      • Copy of student’s driver’s/learner’s license
      • Proof of payment of New Driver Program course
      • AMA New Driver Program Certificate of Completion

With your support, ECECAF and AMA look forward to creating a safer driver community in Edmonton